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The internet habitat of the genus Phelsuma

Andaman Islands visited one week before the tsunami struck!

Emmanuel Van Heygen was on the Andaman Islands, one of the worst effected areas by December's 27th tsunami, to research the poorly known Phelsuma andamanensis one week before the disaster.

Several locations on South Andaman were visited, including the Mount Harriet nature reserve.

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  Phelsuma sp.  

New species described; Phelsuma vanheygeni

In the latest "Phelsuma" journal (issue 12) a new member of the genus has been described as Phelsuma vanheygeni by Achim Lerner. The discovery of this species was already announced earlier, when it was discovered by Emmanuel Van Heygen in July 2004.

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  The Dodo  

The genus Phelsuma on the Ampasindava peninsula

In June and July 2004 the Ampasindava peninsula was thoroughly researched for the occurrence of Phelsuma species. During this survey, a new species, Phelsuma vanheygeni, was discovered, but also Phelsuma klemmeri was observed in its natural habitat since its description in 1991.

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"Phelsuma legend" Eddie Postma missing in Ecuador

The Dutch and Ecuadorian police is searching for the 44 year old Eddie Postma. He has been missing for a month in the jungles of the South American country of Ecuador. Postma, according to his wife, was in that country for a photo session of the Ecuadorian herpetofauna. He is the owner of “Sauria” a shop with annex breeding facility of mainly the genus Phelsuma.  Postma just arrived in Ecuador and left his Hotel by taxi, leaving all his belongings. Nothing was heard from him afterwards but according to the authorities the Dutchman stayed in a part which is considered safe and they exclude crime. Search dogs were sent from the Netherlands to facilitate the search.

Last Update: 24/11/2004 

The Dodo's steppingstones the same as Phelsuma?


Geological evidence of land in the Mascarene island chain (Mascarene Plateau) suggests that island steppingstones may have been used before the dodo eventually found his way to Mauritius.        




Species List

A complete list of all species and subspecies of the genus Phelsuma. Click a species to retrieve full information. Note the recent change: "Phelsuma guimbeaui rosagularis" obtained full species status as Phelsuma rosagularis.  




It is generally accepted that the phylogenetic origin of the genus Phelsuma lies on the island of Madagascar. From there the genus has colonized the other Indian Ocean islands and East Africa.  



Genus History

The genus Phelsuma has undergone many changes since it was first described by Gray in 1825.   



Madagascar Map

Nearly 80 percent of Madagascar's original forest cover has disappeared during the past 2,000 years. Deforestation is estimated to cost 150,000 to 200,000 hectares each year.  

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